Ben Neill – Horizonal

Ben Neill performed selections from his Horizonal album at Ramapo College on April 20, 2016. After an introduction and historical background of his unique Mutantrumpet, he demonstrated the connection between the instrument and the computer system that produces the sound and video. None of the video is prerecorded: it is all generated live from his musical input. This is really worth seeing in person, as the video cannot capture the subtly and expresiveness of the moving visuals. The video below is one selection from this show.

If you would like to see more video of experimental music in New Jersey, please visit John Korchok’s YouTube channel. Nearly 200 videos await you, including many musiXplore concerts.

Dense Mine of the Orchid – Cancelled

We’ve had to cancel the proposed Hart Crane show for this fall. Thanks to those who expressed interest!

Dave Nelson – New Music

Just over a year ago, Dave Nelson and Marlon Patton graced the musiXplore stage with their excellent bass trombone-percussion duo. Now Dave Nelson has new music on Bandcamp, all of looped trombone. The album is called Thirty Thousand Feet. It’s a great sound, check it out:

musiXplore Artists on Downbeat’s Best of 2015

Congratulations to Sumari (Jack DeSalvo, Tom Cabrera and Matt Lavelle) for having their premiere self-titled album placed on Downbeat magazines list of Top 25 Albums for 2015. Sumari performed at musiXplore on November 16, 2014.

Downbeat Best of 2015 featuring Sumari

In case you missed that show, here is video of the third part of Sumari’s musiXplore show.

You can view the entire show from this link

Paterson Art and Music

musiXplore has always supported the art and music scene in Paterson. This Sunday, August 23, some on down to the Dolphin Gallery at 70 Spruce Street in the historic district. There’s an artist’s party in celebration of their new Industrialism II show. Music by ArtCrime and more, starting at 3pm.

Dolphn Gallery

Here’s the Facebook event, with more information. Park in the front, walk all the way to the back, veering toward the right and the big loading dock, it’s somewhere back there… 🙂

Bryan Alka Cancelled

Bryan Alka has cancelled his April 19 appearance at musiXplore.

Bryan Alka at musiXplore

Occultronica is Bryan’s preferred name for the style of music he is making today: a mix of electronic sounds and mystic vision that combines wonder and knowing in a potent mix. This is music that takes you somewhere unknown, a place where there are still mysteries. musiXplore will be hosting his performance on Sunday, April 19 at 1pm.

Bryan Alka

Bryan has been making his unique music for more than 10 years. His first release Principles of Suffocation was in 2007. Since then he has brought out several collections, each more focused and cogent than the last. Check out this extensive listing of his work: alka

Finally, for all you synth geeks, Bryan is big on Buchla synthesizers and will be bringing a choice selection of gear. You’re gonna wanna see this!

Electric Golem Video

From out March 15, 2015 show, Electric Golem performs the title piece from their new release Astrogolem

You can view the entire show from this link.

Electric Golem at musiXplore

Hailing from Ithaca, NY, Electric Golem is duo of synthesists James Spitznagel and Trevor Pinch. Together they create generative, modern psychedelic mindscapes. During his daylight hours, Pinch is Professor of Science and Technology Studies and Professor of Sociology at Cornell University, and the coauthor of perhaps the definitive book on synthesizer technology, Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer.

Electric Golem

Electric Golem is Trevor Pinch (L) and James Spitznagel (R)

Spitznagel is a true techno-polyglot, a digital computer artist, painter, and sonic provocateur who has released all manners of twisted electronica on his Level Green imprint, and continues to raise the bar for circuit-based music as he craftily wrestles with the vagaries of tone, glitch, frequency, and pulsation. Here’s a video of Electric Golem in performance:

Electric Golem has performed at venues as diverse as One Thousand Pulses, Cornell University, art galleries and museums in the Ithaca area. What sets them apart from space-music practitioners is the structure of their pieces. Each suite has separate movements with different moods and pacing that builds to a climax.

Naked Roots Conducive at musiXplore

Naked Roots Conducive

Naked Roots Conducive in performance.

On February 15 at 1:00pm, musiXplore is proud to present avant-classical duo Naked Roots Conducive is composed of Valerie Kuehne on cello and vocals and Natalia Steinbach playing violin and singing. The two combine their unique compositional styles in an intricate classical odyssey thickened by vocal harmonies and extended instrumental techniques. Naked Roots Conducive fuses performance art with hungry post-Romanticism and acoustic noise while maintaining an intense melodic beauty.

Percorsi Musicali has this to say about their work: “Naked Roots Conducive took the art song into the twenty-first century with a surreal song cycle that may well embody the founding myth of a new, benign non-religion. Using conventional and extended technique on violin and cello to accompany voice, a pile of plush fish and Mr. Bacon from China–a green, fuzzy, mechanical toy pig–they sang of new deities of birth, rebirth and interconnections through roots real and hallucinatory. And possibly made a number of converts on the spot.”

Here is one of the cuts from Naked Roots Conducive recent EP:

There will be an opening set by ArtCrime.