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Sunday April 21 – Pyl8r Replaces Electronic Memory

Due to a sudden work emergency, Mike Hunter is not able to play this Sunday. Ken Palmer, his partner in the duo Electronic Memory, will play solo as Pyxl8r. Here is one of Ken’s pieces:

Michael Sperone will still open with a set of his processed percussion.

Peter Beidermann with Anthony LaMort – April 28

Guitarist Peter Biedermann will perform with keyboard player Anthony LaMort. They are 2/3 of the New Jersey trio Serious Fun, but when performing as a duo they are Amalgamation.

Peter has influenced a couple of generations of NJ experimental musicians, including our November performers, Monkeyworks. He has led bands as diverse as Ping, White Light and Serious Fun. He has come full circle from the realm of electronic music back to acoustic guitar and is now using iPad apps for looping and sound enhancement. Here is Peter playing one of his solo guitar pieces:

Anthony Mark LaMort is an organist and harpsichord player, though he does also play piano. He does not sell his music because he does not believe it to be a product. However, he makes many of his pieces freely available on his web sites. Take a listen here for samples of his improvisations.

Opening for Peter and Anthony is Kinglog (Max Schoenbaum). Max is also part of the Makoshine Collective, a group of musicians from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut who stage concerts together. Max has a variety of his pieces available on SoundCloud, so you can get an idea of what his work sounds like.

Don’t forget, we are putting on two shows this month: Electronic Memory on April 21 and this show with Peter, Anthony and Max on April 28. We hope to see you at both!

Electronic Memory (Mike Hunter & Ken Palmer) – April 21

Electronic Memory is a duo composed of Mike Hunter on looped guitar/synth and Ken Palmer on synthesizer. Mike and Ken have performed at the Electro-Music Festival, the New Jersey Festival of Electronic Arts and the Event Horizon concert series, among others. They’ll bring us their mind-expanding style of ambient space music.


Ken Palmer and Mike Hunter in the WPRB studios.

Mike Hunter hosts a weekly program of ambient and space music on WPRB in Princeton NJ. Find out more about it here. His workaday title is “Principal Technical Architect – Cloud Realization”, which has to be the coolest job name ever. He also performs solo under the moniker “Ombient”.

Ken Palmer is a graphic artist and Photoshop wiz during the daylight hours, but after dark he morphs into a synth genius. One of his mods has been featured in Keyboard magazine and he performs as a soloist “Pyxl8r”. He also runs a concert series in the Trenton area called Cosmic Coffeehouse. Some of his pieces are available for audition here.

Michael Sperone

Percussionist Michael Sperone

Opening the show will be percussionist Michael Sperone. Michael is a published composer and a graduate from William Paterson University. He has some fascinating work that is processed through Max/MSP software to give cymbals a sound from another world. You can listen to more of his work here.