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Ben Neill – Horizonal

Ben Neill performed selections from his Horizonal album at Ramapo College on April 20, 2016. After an introduction and historical background of his unique Mutantrumpet, he demonstrated the connection between the instrument and the computer system that produces the sound and video. None of the video is prerecorded: it is all generated live from his musical input. This is really worth seeing in person, as the video cannot capture the subtly and expresiveness of the moving visuals. The video below is one selection from this show.

If you would like to see more video of experimental music in New Jersey, please visit John Korchok’s YouTube channel. Nearly 200 videos await you, including many musiXplore concerts.

Dense Mine of the Orchid – Cancelled

We’ve had to cancel the proposed Hart Crane show for this fall. Thanks to those who expressed interest!