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Diane Moser Video

It was standing room only for Diane Moser on March 16! She played a beautiful set with great variety and feeling. Here’s one of Diane’s performances:

You can view the almost the entire show from these links:

Barry Chabala opening set

Diane Moser’s set, including two songs performed with her son Chad Moser at the end.

Please note, one movement is missing from the performance of Diane’s new suite “Music for The Last Flower”. To hear the complete suite, please consider purchasing the music as performed by her quintet:
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Proceeds support musiXplore’s experimental music concert series as well as the talented musicians who make the sounds!

Barry Chabala at musiXplore

Barry Chabala

Guitarist Barry Chabala

For our opening act for Diane Moser on March 16, musiXplore presents guitarist Barry Chabala. Barry was born in Passaic and lives in Rockaway. His playing is informed as much by the history of blues, R&B and rock as it is by John Cage and Morton Feldman.

Over the past several years, Barry has performed and/or recorded extensively the works of Wandelweiser composers Michael Pisaro and Antoine Beuger among others, and has released recordings on several labels, including Erstwhile, Winds Measure, Copy For Your Records, Pisaro’s Gravity Wave, and his own Roeba Records.

His latest release is unbalanced in (unbalanced out) on the Another Timbre label which features Toshimaru Nakamura, Bonnie Jones, Gabriel Paiuk, Tisha Mukarji & Louisa Martin alongside Barry’s acoustic guitar.