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Astrogolem (2014)


From our October 2014 show:

Zinc Nine Psychedelic (2010)

ZNP Cover

From our March 2014 show:

Music for the Last Flower by Diane Moser (2014)

Music for the Last Flower CD

From our February 2014 show:

Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack (2013)

Including percussion by Peter Jarvis:
Moonrise Kingdom Soundtrack

Gene Pritsker’s 2013 Samplestra

Samplestra CD

From our January 2014 show:

From 2012, Bob Lukomski’s piece For Parts Unknown

For Parts Unknown

From 2006, Bob Lukomski’s album
Look At Me (When I’m talking to you)

Look At Me (When I talk to you)

ArtCrime’s EP: June 2011

ArtCrime CD

From our October 2013 show:

Ben Neill’s CD Night Science (2009)

Ben Neill: Night Science

Ben Neill with Mimi Goese: Songs for Persephone

Ben Neill and Mimi Goese: Songs For Persephone

From our September 2013 show:

Terrence McManus’ CD You’ll Never

Terrence McManus - You'll Never

From our March 17, 2013 show:

If, Bwana (Al Margolis) Music Store


From our Feb. 17, 2013 show:

Keren Rosenbaum’s Reflex Ensemble CD

Reflex Ensemble CD cover

From our Nov. 18, 2012 show:

Monkeyworks’ CD

Monkeyworks CD cover

From our Sept. 16, 2012 show:

Blaise Siwula and Sten Hostfalt’s Now Matter:

Hostfalt-Siwula CD
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