Make Music New Jersey Video

We picked the right day for a celebration of the start of summer: hot and sunny with a strong chance of music! We enjoyed performance by Scott Patire, Symmetry (Jose Murcia), ArtCrime, Sparse and Nicolas Melmann, who came all the way from Argentina to perform for us.

It was a full house by the end of the evening. Thank you to everyone who dropped by, to all the musicians who performed their unique forms of music and especially our gracious hosts, the Ivanhoe Artist’s Mosaic, who run the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse and make it available to cutting edge arts programs like musiXplore. We couldn’t do it without you!

Here is the piece with which Nicolas wrapped up the evening, a wistful paean to the end of spring:

There is plenty of other video of this day on Youtube: Scott Patire’s Something Just Don’t Seem the Same, The Drones and a third piece, Symmetry’s techno revery and Nicolas Melmann’s pieces number one and number two.

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