Bob Lukomski – January 19

New Paltz composer Bob Lukomski has had an unusually diverse musical career. While many composers settle into a genre, Bob has been active in popular music as a songwriter and recording artist, in sacred music with works for choir and organ, in music for dance (His electronic work Look at Me (when I talk to you) was a collaboration with choreographer Lynn Neuman and the Artichoke Dance Company) and electronic music, as composer, performer and co-ordinator of the Hudson Valley Coterminous Collectiv. This only skims the surface, you can read a more complete CV here.

Bob Lukomski

Composer Bob Lukomski

For his musixplore appearance, Bob will performing selections from his Delicate Arch series, on which he has been working since 2011. Below are some pieces from Delicate Arch to whet your appetite:

Delicate Arch #1

Delicate Arch #2

Delicate Arch #5

There will be an opening set by ArtCrime.

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