Ben Neill – Horizonal

Ben Neill performed selections from his Horizonal album at Ramapo College on April 20, 2016. After an introduction and historical background of his unique Mutantrumpet, he demonstrated the connection between the instrument and the computer system that produces the sound and video. None of the video is prerecorded: it is all generated live from his musical input. This is really worth seeing in person, as the video cannot capture the subtly and expresiveness of the moving visuals. The video below is one selection from this show.

If you would like to see more video of experimental music in New Jersey, please visit John Korchok’s YouTube channel. Nearly 200 videos await you, including many musiXplore concerts.

Bryan Alka at musiXplore

Occultronica is Bryan’s preferred name for the style of music he is making today: a mix of electronic sounds and mystic vision that combines wonder and knowing in a potent mix. This is music that takes you somewhere unknown, a place where there are still mysteries. musiXplore will be hosting his performance on Sunday, April 19 at 1pm.

Bryan Alka

Bryan has been making his unique music for more than 10 years. His first release Principles of Suffocation was in 2007. Since then he has brought out several collections, each more focused and cogent than the last. Check out this extensive listing of his work: alka

Finally, for all you synth geeks, Bryan is big on Buchla synthesizers and will be bringing a choice selection of gear. You’re gonna wanna see this!

Sumari Video

Here is video of the third part of Sumari’s concert at musiXplore on November 16, 2014.

You can view the entire show from this link

At Work Video

At Work is the performance moniker for Todd Steponick. The At Work perspective is influenced both by the deep woods serenity of the Pine Barrens and by the electronica scene of nearby Philadelphia. Here’s the first half of At Work’s show:

There’s more of At Works at this link: At Work – second half

JEM of Symmetry set (also in 2 parts)

This was the final show of our 2013-2014 season, but plans are in the works for next year. Have a great spring and summer!

Bob Lukomski – January 19

New Paltz composer Bob Lukomski has had an unusually diverse musical career. While many composers settle into a genre, Bob has been active in popular music as a songwriter and recording artist, in sacred music with works for choir and organ, in music for dance (His electronic work Look at Me (when I talk to you) was a collaboration with choreographer Lynn Neuman and the Artichoke Dance Company) and electronic music, as composer, performer and co-ordinator of the Hudson Valley Coterminous Collectiv. This only skims the surface, you can read a more complete CV here.

Bob Lukomski

Composer Bob Lukomski

For his musixplore appearance, Bob will performing selections from his Delicate Arch series, on which he has been working since 2011. Below are some pieces from Delicate Arch to whet your appetite:

Delicate Arch #1

Delicate Arch #2

Delicate Arch #5

There will be an opening set by ArtCrime.

2013-14 Season Announcement

MusiXplore is proud to present our second season. We have a great lineup of musicians this year, covering the range of free jazz, new classical and electronic styles and representing every place from the Pine Barrens in the south to the Hudson Valley in the north.


In September, we’ll host Terrence McManus, a free jazz master from Jersey City. Terrence usually plays in the city with a who’s who of experimental music, but we’re luring him back out to Jersey to show us how it’s done.

Ben Neill will be performing in October. Ben invented the Mutantrumpet, a fascinating hybrid of acoustic and electronic sound-making. Ben has a great style combining avant melodies with electronic beats, you’re gonna love it!

November’s guest ensemble is Beta Test Music. This central Jersey/Philly group orchestrates unorthodox musical material such as video game music into a unique chamber music performances.

Hailing from New Paltz, composer Bob Lukomski will grace our stage in January. Not only does Bob co-ordinate the Coterminus Collective, a group of Hudson Valley experimental musicians, he runs the Earwaker performance space and teaches at SUNY New Paltz.

We are honored to be able to present renowned percussionist Peter Jarvis in concert in February. Peter Jarvis is winning acclaim as a movie and television composer. He teaches at William Paterson University and Connecticut College.

In March, our special treat is New Jersey composer Diane Moser. Diane is founder and leader of the Composer’s Big Band that performs regularly at Trumpets in Montclair.

Finally, to end the season on a high note, we are bringing At Work (Todd Steponick) all the way from the Pine Barrens. Todd also runs Batona Records, south Jersey’s best-known record label. This will be an afternoon of spooky electronica combined with danceable beats.

If, Bwana Video

From the March 17 concert, If, Bwana (Al Margolis) performs “Many Many Flutes”, accompanied by John Korchok on wind synthesizer.

You can view other performance from this concert: Fork and Waves, Frogfield and Massed Roses.

Happy Holidays!

Here’s a wish that you have a warm and wonderful holiday this December.

Our winter-spring concert schedule will be out soon, we’re going to be presenting 5 concerts with some outstanding musicians.

Cheers! from everyone at musiXplore.

Sunday’s Show

Thanks to Blaise Siwula and Sten Hostfalt for trekking out from the city to play for us. Here’s video of one of their performances.

New Music Series for 2012-2013

MusiXplore is a new music performance series that begins in September 2012 and runs on the third Sunday of each month. Each performance will take place from 1pm to 3pm in the historic district of Paterson NJ at the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse. The address of the Wheelhouse is 4 Spruce Street. If you are using Google maps, please enter 8 Spruce Street to get a better view of the location.

MusiXplore will showcase the range of experimental music with artists in New Classical, Free Jazz, Electronic, Ambient and other new genres. We will pay special attention to artists who are natives or residents of New Jersey, but will also be inviting musicians from New York and Pennsylvania.